Explaining ykz

What and who is Yakuza?

We are a DFO created to combat dishonest actors.

Own community

YAKUZA was revived by its very own community (formerly YFKZ) after the originator drained their liquidity pool and disappeared with the funds. Instead of giving up on the vision of financial freedom, those left in the community along with the help of crypto enthusiasts banded together to reincarnate it into one of the most decentralized projects to date.

Swift justice

YAKUZA has compensated every single holder of the previous coin (YFKZ) prior to the “rug-pull” via a migration to the enhanced YKZ token. After holding an internal community debate and vote, it was decided that all previous holders were entitled to swift justice and we swapped their old coins on a 1:1 basis to the newly improved and more flexible YKZ Token.

From the creator ATAXIA

No one can stop us

"DFOs are a new kind of company, which resides on the blockchain and is truly open source. Anyone can join and participate, no one can stop us. By combining our efforts as a group we can become a crowdsourced whale and do amazing things on crypto."


Our Roadmap

Below you can track our upcoming events and released. It's even possible that we may deliver early on the milestones.

Getting things Live
10 / 11 September 2020 - Listed on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap and landing page live.
Debate YFKZ Victims
17 September 2020 - YFKZ victims repayment proposal debate and submission.
Payment YFKZ Victims
19 September 2020 - Repayment processed and completed.
Full Website
22 September 2020 - Update website with full information and content.
Staking and Farming
5 October 2020 - Starting with Staking and farming. More info will be soon available.
Full Whitepaper
October 2020 - YAKUZA full whitepaper will be ready and presented Staking and Farming.

Frequently Asked Questions

I still have my YKZ v1 tokens, how can I swap?

Swaps are coming to a close this weekend, so hurry in if you still have them. Message an admin with the TX ID of your initial purchase and we’ll swap them right out for you.

How can I participate in voting?

Once you have tokens you can post proposals and vote on them at the DFOhub page, which can be found here: CLICK ME You can also come join us in our Telegram where you can pitch your proposals there for debate and discussion, and even post them on https://snapshot.page/#/yakuza where they can be voted on for implementation before being coded into a final vote on DFOhub.

How can I stake my YKZ tokens?

There are several options available. The first is through our native locked liquidity pools on our DFOhub profile under DeFi -> Farming. Of available, there are 1 year and 3 year terms, offering 100% and 400% APY on your YKZ respectively. Just show up with YKZ and ETH unpaired, and it’ll do the rest for you. The second is through our $NORI farms over at Nori.Finance where you can farm our economic token NORI with YKZ/ETH LP tokens. Lastly, is through our affiliate farm, Dondi which can be found here: https://dondi.io/i/ebe15c/ Dondi is a gamified farm/loot box rewards protocol. Farm DONDI by referring friends and staking YKZ/ETH (among other possible tokens), and redeem that DONDI for loot boxes containing prizes like NFTs and even digital currency worth $10 all the way up to $10,000.

What features can we expect in the near future?

We have several teams hard at work to bring you anything and everything under the sun. We’ve announced banking, and that’s one of our main priorities in the pipeline. Currently we have NFTs (and more on the way), partnerships (and more on the way), and GPU dividends to NORI arriving as soon as next month. We’re just getting started though, so stay tuned because there’s plenty more to come.

Where can I get YKZ?

Tokens can be purchased via Uniswap here: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x87047986e8e4961c11d2edcd94285e3a1331d97b (And then of course potentially be staked on our DFOhub for more YKZ)


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